But with the complex and litigious world in which we live, oftentimes a little planning before the wedding can save a lot of time, money and grief in the sad event the marriage must be dissolved.

Many people think as soon as they enter a marriage, “what’s mine is yours, and what’s yours is mine.” However, according to Oklahoma law, that’s not exactly what happens. The experienced Oklahoma attorneys at Mullins Martinez Sexton and Reaves have vast experience in crafting prenuptial agreements that can be mutually beneficial to both spouses.

When might I need a prenuptial agreement?

Married people can have separate property and sometimes there are good reasons to keep it that way.  For example:

  • When one spouse brings much greater financial assets and property into the marriage than the other
  • When one spouse gives up a high-paying job or career in order to stay at home with children, or to follow the other spouse to a new geographic location
  • When one spouse is part of a family business
  • When one spouse has children from a prior marriage
  • When the spouses have differing investment and retirement goals due to age disparity or philosophical reasons

Financial issues are among the most common causes of the breakup of marriages in Oklahoma. Discussing these issues prior to entering a marriage can prevent disputes from arising later.

What about Post-nuptial agreements?

While prenuptial agreements are recognized and even favored by Oklahoma law, post-nuptial property agreements are generally unenforceable in Oklahoma. If you are already married, and are interested in finding out more about asset protection and division, please contact one of our skilled attorneys.

Skillful, Experienced and Effective Matrimonial and Divorce Attorneys

If you want to head off financial problems before you get married, a prenuptial agreement is a good place to start. Mullins Martinez Sexton & Reaves P.C. can guide you through the decisions that need to be made.

If you live in the Oklahoma City area and need assistance in preparing a prenuptial agreement, please contact Mullins Martinez Sexton & Reaves, P.C. at 405-235-2335 or by email.

Prenuptial Agreements

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Many couples avoid considering a prenuptial agreement -- they are in love, and set on having a happy, healthy marriage “until death do us part.” Plus, there’s a general attitude that “pre-nups” are for Hollywood-types, and not “real” people.

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