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With decades of divorce and family law experience, we are able to explain how child support in Oklahoma is calculated, and effectively assert the rights of custodial and non-custodial parents.

Our attorneys are based in Downtown Oklahoma City, and typically serve clients in surrounding areas, including Logan, Cleveland, McLain, Canadian and Oklahoma Counties.

Oklahoma child support laws hold parents responsible for the financial support of their children until a child reaches eighteen years of age or marries, but support can be extended until age 20 if the child remains continuously enrolled in high school. In certain circumstances, the court can order child support for adult children with disabilities or special needs.

How Much Child Support Will I Pay or Receive?

The amount of child support is based upon several factors, including the gross income of the parties, the number of children involved, the parenting time the child spends with each parent, any special needs of the children, payment of health insurance premiums for the children, receipt of certain payments from the state or federal government, and a number of other factors.

For parents with high incomes (combined gross income of more than $15,000 per month) a number of additional and subjective factors become relevant, and a skilled attorney is often required to evaluate the effect of these factors upon child support.

Forms for estimating child support can be found here. However, calculating child support payments is difficult without a skilled and experienced Oklahoma child support lawyer. Our attorneys will explain the guidelines defining your child support case, and how the process of paying and receiving child support works in Oklahoma.

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The Oklahoma child support lawyers at Mullins Martinez Sexton & Reaves, P.C. help clients determine child support payments during a divorce, and also help clients modify or enforce child support arrangements after a divorce has been finalized.