Establishing Jurisdiction

Before a parentage action can be brought before the court, jurisdiction must be established. Jurisdiction for parentage actions is governed by a relatively complex set of laws, including the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, and the Uniform Parentage Act. The attorneys at MMSR Law are well-versed in the interstate laws regarding parentage, and successfully argued one of the leading Oklahoma decisions on interstate jurisdiction for child custody and support matters before the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.

Timeliness is key

When addressing parentage, time is a very important factor. Depending on the circumstances, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to contest parentage or for a parent to assert certain rights to the child if they wait too long following the birth of the child.
Orders concerning child support, custody, and visitation can also be modified and enforced under the appropriate circumstances. Please see our section regarding modification and enforcement to learn more about that process.

How does a parentage action work?

The procedure for a parentage action is largely the same as for a divorce, including options for settlement, mediation and trial. The primary difference between a parentage action and a divorce action is that the court cannot address property issues and doesn’t need to grant a dissolution of the marriage, but instead will enter a final determination of parentage. Please see our section on divorce to learn more about that process.
A great many factors contribute to the success of a parentage action. The Oklahoma paternity lawyers at Mullins Martinez Sexton & Reaves, P.C. dedicate their entire practice to helping Oklahoma families navigate the court system regarding issues of family law.

Contact a Skilled, Experienced Oklahoma Parentage Lawyer
Child parentage actions are a serious matter, and may affect the involved parties for upwards of 20 years, or possibly more. Make sure you receive the most informed advice and representation. Please contact Mullins Martinez Sexton & Reaves, P.C. at 405-235-2335 or by email.


Answering Questions About
Parentage and Paternity in Oklahoma

Parentage (also called paternity) cases are the way in which parents who are not married to each other can address matters of paternity, child support, child custody and visitation and can enforce their rights regarding a child. Where the biological parent of a child is not known or is questioned, parentage actions can also provide a forum to adjudicate the who the biological parents of a child are.

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