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Modifying Custody, Support & Spousal Support Orders in Oklahoma

A party to a custody, child support, or spousal support order may file a motion to request a modification to an existing order if either party has experienced a material change in circumstances. When the proposed modification involves child custody or visitation, it must also be in the best interest of the child.

Examples of materially changed circumstances include:

  • A former spouse's remarriage or cohabitation with another person
  • A former spouse gains new employment or a promotion
  • One parent decides to move out of state or far from the other parent
  • A child's changing needs, including cases in which a child develops special needs
  • A party's deteriorating physical or mental condition, such as by drug or alcohol abuse
  • One parent's interference with a child's relationship with the other parent
  • A party's conviction of a crime

At Mullins Martinez Sexton & Reaves, P.C., we are committed to achieving our clients' goals, and have helped many clients successfully modify custody, visitation, support, and spousal support.

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