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Once a court establishes a custody, child support, or spousal support order, nothing short of a court-approved modification or extreme circumstances can relieve a party's obligation to follow the order.

When a party is not obeying a divorce-related order, Oklahoma law provides for court proceedings to enforce the orders at issue, such as:

  • Citations for contempt of court
  • Charges for interest
  • Attorney’s fees and costs
  • Income assignment
  • Unemployment insurance intercept
  • Income tax refund intercepts
  • Lottery intercepts
  • Property execution
  • State issued license suspension (including driving, hunting, fishing or professional licenses).
  • Filing liens against property

Our Oklahoma custody and support order enforcement attorneys can help clients petition for the enforcement of court orders, and may also defend clients against enforcement actions.

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The Oklahoma attorneys at Mullins Martinez Sexton & Reaves, P.C. have substantial experience in enforcement of court orders when a parent or former spouse is not meeting his or her custody, child support or alimony obligations