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Practice Areas
Where are you located?

Our office is located at the Waterford office complex on the corner of N.W. 63rd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. Our building is 6307 Waterford Boulevard, and our offices are on the 2nd Floor.


When is your office open?
Our office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We can are often available outside of those hours by appointment only.

How do I get in contact with an attorney at MMSR Law?
You can reach us using whatever method is convenient for you. We can be reached by phone at (405) 235-2335, our fax number is (405) 232-7930, or see our Contact Page to send an e-mail message that will reach our attorneys.

Do you offer free initial consultations?
Generally, no. The fee for your consultation will vary, depending on which of attorneys you select to represent you.

Do you do contingency cases?
No. Contingency fee arrangements are prohibited in divorce cases by Oklahoma law.


What payment options do you offer?
We accept cash, personal checks, money orders and all major credit and debit cards. For your convenience, we can accept payments by phone with a valid credit or debit card. Please contact Debbie Lawson, office manager, at (405) 235-2335 for more information.

How will I be billed?
We calculate our clients’ bills as we perform work and send a monthly statement. We bill for each 1/10th of an hour (six minutes) that we spend on your case. If you have a question about billing for an ongoing case, please contact Debbie Lawson, office manager, at (405) 235-2335.

I want to discuss my case with someone. Who can I speak with?
Prior to taking you on as a client, we are required to ensure that we do not have a conflict of interest before we can listen to information about your case, or give you any kind of advice. As a result, we do not offer any legal advice by telephone or in person to individuals who have not retained us and become clients of MMSR Law.
While we prefer to meet in person for the initial consultation, occasionally we allow that initial contact to take place by telephone, when necessary.
What are your fees?

While we do not publish our fee schedule online, our fees are benchmarked to the rates of comparable attorneys in the Oklahoma City community. Each of our established attorneys operate under a different billable rate, commensurate to their level of experience and length of practice. MMSR Law is able to provide an excellent value in comparison to other legal firms in town, without compromising on quality.

Can you refer an attorney in another state/county?
We are happy to provide referrals and to discuss representation in another county or state. We also recommend searching for an attorney who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers on
My spouse and I have an agreement, and want one lawyer to represent us both. Can you help us with this?

No. Representing both parties in a divorce proceeding is prohibited by the Oklahoma laws governing attorney conduct. Any lawyer who claims to represent both parties at once is doing a disservice to both, and may be violating ethics rules. We can prepare the documents needed for an agreed and uncontested divorce, but can only represent the interests of one party. The other party must to hire an outside attorney, or would have to act as their own legal representative.

Do you do flat fee arrangements?
Generally, no. We bill by the hour because each case is different and the total costs for legal representation are very difficult to estimate. However, flat fee arrangements may be available for uncontested matters and/or certain estate planning matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

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